Charlie Hall

Passionate and unequivocally committed to his clients, Charlie Hall is a mortgage veteran with more than 12 years of experience in virtually every role in the industry. No matter the situation, Charlie believes that everyone can and should have just the right mortgage that will help them build wealth over the long term (and it’s a serious bonus if he can save them a little money in the short term). Every day, he uses his in-depth knowledge of the mortgage process to ensure his clients get the best mortgage possible to fit their financial and life goals.

If there’s a central theme in Charlie’s life, it’s simply that he believes in doing right, all the time, whether you’re buying your first or your fifth home. When he’s not putting together the ideal loan for each of his clients, Charlie serves as the CFO at his own digital comic book production studio. Charlie lives in Annapolis with his wife and his super-smart dog, Ginger.



Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist